Mental Health

The Liberal Democrats put Mental Health on the political agenda during the 2010-2015 government. From increasing funding to talking therapies, and giving legal requirements to treat mental and physical health with equal esteem, we are proud of our record in government.

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb, who was the Department of Health Minister for Care and Support, spear-headed Liberal Democrat priorities to improve Mental Health Services in Government. It's now law that Mental Health be treated on a par with Physical health. As of April 2015, waiting times were introduced, meaning quicker, more effective treatment can be offered. We also worked with police federations to drive down the use of prison cells in mental health crises.

Ending stigma is also a key priority, to allow people to talk about their issues and seek help where needed. Mental Health has received barely a word from the Conservative government (we of course support their call to aim to have zero people with mental health problems in police cells. We must continue to push on this vital issue, to support both those with mental health needs, and the staff and volunteers in the various service providers who work selflessly to help others.




Add your name and details to the petition below and help us to improve care for people with Mental Health issues, and work to end the stigma of being brave and asking for help. Join the hundreds and thousands of local people who have already signed.



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