Nicola Davies For Warwickshire PCC


Nicola Davies - Putting the voice of the community at the heart of policing

Just like you I am an independent minded member of the community. I have no vested interest in the police service, or experience of the uniformed services, and no ties to the Government.  

What I do have is in depth knowledge of the work of the Commissioner and Warwickshire police. That is why I am standing in this election. To ensure the views of the public are at the heart of the policing in Warwickshire.  

This election is a wide open race – the Tories came third last time.  So your vote and every vote will matter.

I believe in building confidence, fairness and trust in our police force.  I will be accessible and accountable to you. I will demand the highest standards from our police and provide a strong challenge to the Chief Constable if performance isn’t up to scratch.

Experience and Knowledge  

  • Nicola is a County Councillor and a member of the Warwickshire Police and Crime panel. She has been scrutinizing the performance and activities of the current Police Commissioner and Police force for the past three years.   

  • She lives in Leamington Spa with her husband and two children.  

  • Nicola understands the importance of delivering value for money, she has managed budgets within a large company and, for the past five years, as the owner of her own business.   

  • She is committed to creating a safer Warwickshire by protecting vulnerable people and reducing crime.

Top 5 Priorities

I will:  

1. Protect numbers of officers and police community support officers.

2. Request the Chief Constable undertake a review of the powers available to police community support officers.   

3. Increase police neighbourhood visibility.

4. Give victims a voice by creating a Victims Charter.   

5. Ensure 999 and 101 calls made in Warwickshire are answered in Warwickshire.  

I will not allow a merger with West Mercia and will guarantee keeping a Warwickshire Chief Constable.


Building Confidence, Fairness and Trust

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