Climate Change crisis demands European response



The Climate crisis can only be stopped by Europe-wide action, the Liberal Democrats said today, as they called for Europe to adopt a "net zero greenhouse gas emissions target" by 2050. 
Liberal Democrats in government, led by former Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey MP, led the successful Europe-wide negotiations on the current 2030 target, and said "anyone who wants to stop our climate crisis should vote to stop Brexit".
The Liberal Democrats are calling for a UK target of net zero emissions by 2045 - and believe the EU must adopt a target of at least net zero by 2050, a key policy in their forthcoming manifesto for the European elections to be unveiled this Thursday.

West Midlands EU Election Candidate and spokesperson on Climate Change, Jeanie Falconer, said:

"Liberal Democrats have long led on the issue of protecting and improving our environment, so the key question is - how do we solve the climate change crisis? Stopping Brexit would be a big step forward.
"The EU has been leading climate action internationally, but it was Liberal Democrat Ministers in coalition that got Britain to push the EU to be more ambitious about our tackling our climate change crisis.
"If Britain leaves the EU, we cannot influence 27 other countries on climate change without a seat at the table, and we will watch on as our power to influence is reduced on the world stage. 
"So for anyone who wants to stop our climate change crisis, it's clear they need to vote to for Lib Dem MEPs in the EU elections. After the local election results last Thursday, it's also clear that to stop Brexit, people need to vote Liberal Democrat."



Ed Davey led the UK's international negotiations on climate change between 2012 and 2015 at the EU and UN, and won legally binding targets on all 28 EU countries, for cutting greenhouse gases by at least 40% by 2030. This 2014 Liberal Democrat climate victory was critical for achieving the UN global Paris Climate Treaty in 2015.015.

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