Donate to Redditch Liberal Democrats

Redditch Liberal Democrats are working hard to hold the Conservatives to account in Redditch, Worcestershire and Nationally but we need to tell the voters exactly what we are doing – all year round.

Every donation helps us spread our liberal message of hope across Redditch and the Villages and every penny goes to supporting the work – our volunteers don’t get paid for what they do!

For example, a donation of:

  • £250 will pay for one of our activists to go on a residential ‘Kickstart’ training scheme so that we can take our campaigning to the next level.
  • £60 will allow us to get a ‘Focus’ leaflet out to every household across one ward.
  • £20 will pay for a fully integrated web/social media/email/fundraising package for a month.
  • £15 will allow us to print and conduct a local street survey to find issues and engage voters.
  • £10 will allow us to hire a meeting room so that we can make sure our meetings are fully accessible.
  • £5 will buy a poster board that we can put up in the local community to show that we have support.

Please give what you can to help us get Liberal Democrats elected here in Redditch and the Villages.