Hayslan Fields Green Space in Malvern Under Threat of Development

Dennis visits Hayslan Fields and talks to local dog walkers to get their views on proposals by GVA Grimley (land agents) to use this land for development.

Hayslan Fields remains protected as part of the emerging South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP), but GVA Grimley (land agents) acting on behalf of Malvern St. James, acquired the 15 acre site and has been left unused for decades.
They are trying to change the current status of the site on the SWDP by lodging a formal objection to the three district councils in South Worcestershire and seeking its inclusion as development land.
Dennis says "We live in an age of a severe nationwide housing shortage, and it goes without saying, we need to build more houses. However, it is important to protect green space within communities, and any proposals to build on it must have the backing of the majority of residents in the community.
"After speaking to residents, they were very mixed in their views, with some totally against any form of development and those who were open minded".
One resident said "this is a very large piece of land and I would not be against development entirely so long as it was thought out properly and has the backing of the community. We need houses, but in an already built up area, any development here should be restricted with some of the green space remaining, as should public rights of way."
Dennis says, "Existing brownfield sites (land previously used for commercial use or industrial purposes) should always be considered for development first.
If I was elected MP I would make it a priority to safeguard our protected green spaces and farmland for future generations to enjoy.”

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