Jeanie Falconer

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Jeanie began as a journalist in Turkey, free lancing from Ankara and Istanbul. She then joined and became a Director of a company that helped business and others understand how Brussels works and how to get their voice heard. It was the first European public affairs company to link Brussels with all national EU capitals and eventually including Eastern European countries. After 15 years, she married, moved to Paris with her husband and family of small children. In 2005 they returned to Herefordshire close to where Jeanie’s husband grew up and she took on the small vineyard already established at their home near Bromyard.

Jeanie stood for the Liberal Democrats in a closely fought European election in 1994 and she stood in the 2015 and 2017 General Elections for North Herefordshire where she lives where she equalled and improved on surrounding constituency results.

Jeanie is a trustee for several Herefordshire based charities involved in helping families with young children, and elderly and disabled people. She is also involved in local village affairs playing her part in running the village hall.

Jeanie speaks French and residual Turkish, reads extensively, enjoys gardening and producing much of the family’s food from their small holding. She and her husband have worked hard to make the property as carbon neutral as possible, with renewable energy, organic fruit and vegetable growing. The next step is an electric tractor! She is interested in history, particularly archaic history, and agrees with David Attenborough about the probable truth of Elaine Morgan’s aquatic ape theory! She has a go at the piano every now and then, having been a reasonable player at one point but time no longer permits much practice.

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