Jennifer Gray

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In 1918, women got the vote for the first time.  Jennifer was fascinated by the human stories behind this hard-won political victory and subsequent wins that shaped our islands fortunes.  Progressive moves throughout this century, often pioneered by Liberal Democrat policies, have influenced the development of a fair, free and open society.

Since joining the Liberal Democrats in 2016, Jennifer has been consistently active; initially during the 2017 Mayoral campaign, then going on to serve as vice chair-rural in the regional executive.  Jennifer organises and runs regional training events where Liberal Democrats from across the region come together to network and learn knowledge and skills to assist them in their numerous roles.

Jennifer believes that Britain’s unique diversity has helped to make our country highly successful.  Our Liberal values have influenced countries to improve human rights.  Our immigrant waves have brought new skills, cultural influences and new ways of seeing the world.  Jennifer believes in individual liberty, equality for all and strong, local community. 

Jennifer is a board level director at her local community association and runs two successful online communities. Jennifer is passionate about the environment; and champions the protection of local wild spaces and green belt.  Jennifer has a professional background in HR and fifteen years’ experience in the automotive sector.  She currently specialises as an associate trainer, working for companies across the country to improve business performance.  She is a parent to 3 children and married to Marketing Director and fellow Liberal Democrat – Jonathan.   

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