Jenny Wilkinson

[email protected] 



Jenny is a passionate internationalist and is convinced that certain of the significant issues we now face, such as climate change, the refugee crisis and corporate tax avoidance, can best be addressed by working hand-in-hand with our neighbours. She has been campaigning for the UK to remain in Europe since before the referendum and has led Liberal Democrat campaigns against Brexit in her local area.

Jenny grew up in the West Midlands and now lives and works here.  She knows the region well and the importance of building on our rich industrial heritage, as well as supporting our rural economy, where agriculture and tourism play an important part. Our region lies at the heart of the UK and Jenny considers it to be vital that we attract investment, promote innovation and build local skills.

As a Chartered Accountant and business consultant, Jenny has worked with a wide range of private and public sector entities over her 25-year career, so has a good knowledge of the issues affecting business and the economy. Jenny also has experience of living and working in Europe. She spent around 18-months living overseas, in Prague and Budapest, as well as working on numerous projects and delivering training across Europe.

Jenny has found working abroad to be a fabulous experience, which has allowed her to appreciate the benefits of working with people from varied backgrounds and cultures, who bring different perspectives.

Outside of the Party, Jenny is: Chair of Governors at a local primary school; a Treasurer for a Charity which she founded with colleagues to save and support her local library; a Director of a not-for-profit business, running a community play-café; and on the committee of the support group for her local park.

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