Lee Dargue




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Lee is passionate about the West Midlands – it’s his home. Having lived in Shropshire and now living in Birmingham, Lee understands the need to ensure rural and urban areas are represented fairly.

Whilst Lee believes the best result out of the current Brexit shambles is to ask the People to decide, via a People's Vote, if Brexit is what we really want, his priorities also lie health and care, education, sustainability and civil liberties.

Mental Health, an area Lee is known to champion, is something he campaigns to receive full equality with physical health. There is a crisis in NHS job vacancies – partly caused by the Brexit result – and EU workers are vital for our NHS workforce. We can also learn a lot from our European friends in how we approach a holistic view of health.

As a qualified Teacher, Lee he is well aware of the pressures faced by teachers and staff, as well as students. We have amazing Universities, most of which rely on the EU for funding for research - threatened by Brexit. Our schools and colleges also desperately need more funding and we can only do this by growing inside the EU.

Young people must be at the heart of our campaign. The inability of those who wish to take away our EU identity offer nothing in return to replace it; this is especially felt amongst many young people. Programmes like Erasmus+ and free movement in the Single Market are huge opportunities for young people – we cannot stand by as these schemes are threatened.

We have many achievements to be proud of in protections for workers, LGBT+ people and those of religious and secular backgrounds. Many of these achievements came from the EU and we must continue to learn and further shape European policy.

These issues, along with tackling climate change, transportation needs, crime and terrorism all need a Europe-wide response. We can only do this properly within the EU. Leaving will leave us weaker and poorer. With people in the West Midlands already suffering with the cost of living rising, we cannot allow our people to be hit even harder.

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