Liberal Democrats are honest about NHS and Care funding – we’d give it an extra £6bn a year

Speaking on the announcement, that the Liberal Democrats would ensure an extra £6bn per year for the NHS and Social Care, Health Spokesperson Lee Dargue commented:

“We hear empty words on Health and Care funding from Theresa May. The Conservatives are happy to drive us towards a Brexit cliff-edge to sound tough on EU negotiations, because they haven’t a clue how to proceed.The NHS and Social Care needs proper funding, abut you can’t have a hard Brexit and a strong economy.

“Labour are constantly spending the same money, on different policies, leading to the shambolic position where their own front-bench no longer knows where they are getting money from. You can’t trust Labour with NHS.

Speaking on the policy to spend an extra penny in the pound on NHS and Social Care, Lee said:

“It’s always asked of politicians to be honest and I’m proud that the Lib Dems are being honest, and on the most important of areas – to ensure mental health, social care and our treasured NHS gets the funding it deserves.

“Repeated polls show people are prepared to pay a little more to protect our vital health and care services, and we are focusing on areas including mental health, public health social care and our amazing GPs. Money alone won’t solve the problem, but money is needed to protect our services, and make improvements.”

Lee finished by adding: “Liberals invented the NHS, and only Liberal Democrats can protect it.”

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