Meet the candidates: Jake Calcutt


My name is Jake Calcutt, and I am one of two Liberal Democrat Candidates for Bournbrook & Selly Park. Our world is changing, and our party must adapt to our new surroundings and a new generation who is beginning, in earnest, to find its political feet. I am a member of this generation, being born in 1997, and grew up watching a nation forever grappling with the realities of the new millennium. Ours is the first generation of the information age, and our views will likely be a significant departure from those which came before it. Many have inherently liberal views, particularly on drug reform, healthcare and devolution. If we fight, we can win over this new group, but we must adopt new, radical positions to do so. This is what I see my role in our party as. To propose fresh solutions to the problems of this new age and rebuild our party so that it is fit for the 21st century. I am also proud of my home city, Birmingham, and believe that we can turn our city yellow in time, building on the efforts of our wonderful local councillors to build liberalism in the nation’s second city. I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the only party that fights for the principles I believe in, the principles that can grow the city I call home and support the generation to which I belong.

While Labour now stands for nationalisation and the Tories stand for privatisation, we provide the only alternative- localisation. Communities must be supported, strengthened and given the power to act in the interests of their citizens. Beyond that, we see Britain’s people as individuals with the right to education, justice and support when needed. When refugees seek to escape war, we support them. When homeless people need a hand, we are there. When citizens feel they are not listened to, we are the champions of their cause. This has always been our way, and that is how I first became aware of the party, watching us fight for our beliefs, be it our views of Europe or local issues in our towns and cities. Through a number of actions days and work experience jobs, I have seen the work we do at every level, and that inspires me to do the same. We are a welcoming and inclusive party, and if there is anybody considering becoming more active, I highly encourage them to join our fight. It’s a heck of a lot of fun.

Jake Calcutt, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Bournbrook & Selly Park Ward

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