West Midlands returns Phil Bennion for Lib Dems in EU

The Liberal Democrats in the West Midlands have returned an MEP to the EU, following an increase in vote share in the region. Former, and returning MEP, Phil Bennion, said: 


"This is a fantastic result in the West Midlands, following a successful local election campaign that gave us our biggest ever gains. We appreciate everyone who voted for us - you have all played a part in building our country up, instead of backing others who want to knock it down. I also thank my fellow candidates and the whole campaign team who did an amazing job.


"I can guarantee I will turn up to the European Parliament to do the job I was elected to do; I'm not sure this is a guarantee all newly-elected MEPs can make. I will actively work on bettering the lives of the people in the UK and Europe.


"My priorities are clear - that we tackle the climate emergency. Public services and jobs will be improved and - if we can stop brexit - they will be protected. Supporting sustainable farming, balancing data & security with civil liberties and tackling crime are all things we can do better, now that Liberal Democrats have more seats at the table in the EU.


"The people have voted on a clear mandate - that a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to Stop Brexit, and work with our European colleagues to tackle the big challenges of our time."

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