We need you!

As a Region, we support and train Local Parties to be more effective, fight better elections, and to help engage their members. We also support campaigns financially, run New Member Welcome sessions across the Region and look after a few administrative tasks.

As an Executive, we meet 5 times a year (along with some other virtual meetings to discuss any matters arising). We also come together for our AGM, and help out with the various events we're running throughout the year.

We'd love for you to get involved, whether you have been a member for a couple of days, or for a couple of decades!


The Secretary is not just a note-taker (although this is an import part of the job!). You would be a crucial and legal part of the Executive, overseeing compliance matters, involved with the finance of the Executive, and making sure we are suitably organised. You are additionally part of the group of Officers who are able to make urgent decisions on behalf of the Executive, an important role to fill.

Full support is available to people who have not taken on this sort of role before, but it would suit those who are highly organised, good at communicating and can use tech tools effectively (Google Drive, Email, Virtual Meeting Rooms, etc.)

If you're interested in this role, please email help@wmlibdems.org.

Chair of Campaigns

We need to give a voice to the members of our Region, and lobby and campaign issues which affect all of us. Our Chair of Campaigns liaises with Local Parties to effectively campaign during election season, and beyond. We are often overlooked and neglected as a Region, and we need to make ourselves loud and proud for the things that make us unique, and important.

We also have a small budget to run targetted campaigns throughout the year. For example, last year we supported the Birmingham Pride event. We would love to do more, and our Chair of Campaigns would be able to steer and direct this. In addition, we give larger grants to aspiring candidates during General Elections, and our Campaigns Chair would help steer these bursaries.

Ideally, you'd be a keen campaigner (for the Liberal Democrats, or elsewhere) with experience of running or supporting campaigns. You'll also have some existing links with Local Parties which could be strengthened through the Regional network.

If you're interested in this role, please email help@wmlibdems.org.

Chair of Candidates

Although the esteemed Jock Gallagher is currently looking after this role, he has planned to retire, and is currently, kindly, holding onto the reigns to ensure our candidates are in tip-top shape. This role includes coordinating, approving, and training up candidates across the 59 constituencies we (currently) have in the West Midlands. You will work closely with ROs across the Region to ensure selections are fair, and that the candidates are the best, and they represent the wide range of diverse people we have in our Region.

If you're interested in this role, please email help@wmlibdems.org.

Chair of Conference

We run at least one Conference and AGM every year in the Autumn. This is an exciting time where we come together as a Region, have debates, discuss Policy and encourage one another in the good work we are doing. Normally we meet using the excellent facilities of Birmingham University. The Chair of Conference looks after some of the formal matters of the AGM (Exec elections, calling notices, policy discussions), as well as the unofficial matters (guest speakers, VIPs, debates etc). We already have a dedicated team of volunteers who would get involved and help with planning, but we need someone to lead this!

Ideally, you're a highly organised individual with good communication skills, experience planning small to medium sized events and a willingness to solicit and work with feedback. Getting the ball rolling early is essential to ensure we can secure the best VIPs, and let people know in good time.

If you're interested in this role, please email help@wmlibdems.org.

Comms Team Member

We regularly send out communications to over 5,000 members Region-wide, alongside regular updates covering Campaigns, Training and Policy. We also regularly update Local Party Executives with what the Region is doing, and what we can to support them.

We're always looking to ramp up our communications with our Members and Local Parties, as well as soliciting feedback, and moving the Region forward.

For this, we need boots on the ground to send out emails, keep an eye out on our Facebook Group and Page, and stay informed on what's happening in the Liberal Democrats. Ideally, you'd be skilled at using digital tools (Nationbuilder, Word, Excel, Text Editing), but we can support you as you settle in!

If you're interested in this role, please email help@wmlibdems.org.

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