West Midlands Welcomes New Chair

David_Craddock.jpgDavid Craddock selected as the new Chair of the West Midlands Liberal Democrats.

Beverley Nielsen, previous Chair of the West Midlands Liberal Democrats and PPC for West Worcestershire has decided to step down as Chair of the West Midlands to focus on West Worcestershire as the issues in Westminster build, and a General Election is potentially around the corner.

The Regional Executive has, therefore, voted to install David Craddock, formerly Chair of Campaigns into the role, to take us to the end of year, by which a new Chair will be formally voted in at the AGM.

On Beverley's time as Chair, David Craddock said 'Firstly, I'd like to thank Beverley for her tireless and sterling work on behalf of the Lib Dems in the region in recent years. She has put us on the map and I do hope that she will continue to engage and advise myself and the Executive Committee going forward. I would like to build on her work and give our region more of a say within the party centrally.'

David continues: 'The West Midlands is a huge area consisting of over 3 million people, and if the Lib Dems are to get into Government we need to do much better here than we have done in the past. With both disaffected Labour and Conservative supporters coming over to us we have the best opportunity for many years to improve our representation in both local and central government. I am also continuing to lead our campaign plans in preparation for a General Election for this year and hope that we can build on our success in the recent European Elections by installing one or two new MP's in Westminster.'

You can keep up with Beverley's campaign by looking for updates on her website.

About David:

In addition to David's Lib Dem work, David is a Non-Exec Director of an international children’s publishing company and a food security enterprise operating in Africa. He is also a Trustee of a local Mental Health Charity.

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