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I was recently approached by a Stratford upon Avon resident who, in light of the recent news on the historic and current harassment of women, wanted the Liberal Democrats to know more about the White Ribbon campaign. This campaign is a global, national and local campaign to engage men in preventing and opposing men’s violence towards women and girls. 

The Liberal Democrats have been supportive of the campaign in the past and it has been recognised that local councils such working directly in the community are ideally placed to raise the issue of, for example, tackling domestic violence and dealing with its consequences. Baroness Sal Brinton in the House of Lords has been a prominent supporter of the campaign.

Men can wear a white ribbon to demonstrate their beliefs, to trigger conservations with other men and to help the process of changing how men think, feel and act about gender-based violence. Local councils such as Worcester CC, third sector organisations, football teams including Burnley FC, Trade Unions such as Equity, political organisations and other networks in civil society have become accredited supporters of White Ribbon.

The White Ribbon's mission, for men, is as follows:

‘To wear a White Ribbon is to pledge never to commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence. Our message to men is to practice tolerance, respect and kindness, and to stand up against male violence, bullying and sexism in all forms’.

The growing recognition in the UK, since the Weinstein scandal, of the terrible destructive power of abuse and violence by men makes these issues more transparent.  This violence needs to stop. 

The Liberal Democrats can refresh their support for the White Ribbon campaign.  For more information about activities, accreditation and national White Ribbon campaigns please visit the website https://www.whiteribbon.org.uk/ for details. If more information is needed I can put people in touch with the local coordinator.

Susan Juned – susan.juned@gmail.com

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